İstanbul Medeniyet University Erasmus Code: TR ISTANBU48

PIC Number: 939951438

About Istanbul Medeniyet University (IMU)

Officially established in 2010 as a new public university, Istanbul Medeniyet University is located on the Anatolian side of Istanbul. With a campus in the city center with easy access using public transport, IMU offers its students the chance to study in the heart of a beautiful, historical city that has been home to different civilizations and is teeming with diverse cultures. As in all public universities in Turkey, education is almost tuition-free at IMU and students have many opportunities to finance their living costs with scholarships. As a research-oriented, innovative, and entrepreneurial institution, IMU consists of 10 faculties, 2 schools, and 4 graduate schools.

With around 7:1 student-faculty ratio and its young and dynamic staff, IMU offers its students all the support they need for their academic studies. Our Student Affairs Department and International Office will be with you throughout your academic education. The university also provides its students with a wide range of opportunities for research with numerous research centers and state-of-the-art labs. IMU’s research centers include the Center for Civilization Studies (ISMAM); Lifelong Education Center (SEM); Distance Education Center (UZEM); Sociopark; and the Center for Psychological Research.

In addition to Erasmus+ program, IMU also offers student and faculty exchange through Mevlana and Farabi Exchange Programs. As an international university, IMU has signed international collaboration agreements with numerous universities around the globe.